Midnight Butterfly

The last days of Priscilla

UPDATE! The international jury of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards has announced that ‘Midnight Butterfly, the last days of Priscilla’  is among the winners in the category ‘Best TV-Documentary’ and will be rewarded with a Golden, Silver or White Dolphin on the Awards Gala October 2nd in Cannes.


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'Midnight Butterfly' tells the story of Priscilla, a young woman from Amsterdam suffering from a terminal illness. On her 26th birthday she gives herself a special present: euthanasia. The night before she throws a big farewell party.

Ever since she was sixteen, Priscilla knew she inherited her mother's terrible illness. Priscilla witnessed up close how her mother suffered as her physical condition worsened by the day. From an early age Priscilla read up on the possibilities of euthanasia to save herself from a similar fate. In the meantime, Priscilla lives life to the fullest, celebrating each day and night.

In Amsterdam nightlife, Priscilla is a well-known face, lovingly called the 'Midnight Butterfly’. She has lots of friends standing by her side while she prepares for her imminent death. The night before she gets euthanized, Priscilla throws a killer birthday and farewell party. The day after, she'll 'finally join her mother'.

Priscilla: 'I want to leave joyfully and on my terms. I'd rather turn 26 and leave this life still being me, than live to see my 30th birthday after a long and painful process.'


The documentary shows how Priscilla made this decision, and how she and her friends and family spend her last days on earth. Even though her friends have a hard time with her decision, they respect and support her to the very end. Her surrogate mother, Amsterdam market trader aunt Mar, is at peace with Priscilla's decision: 'I'm very grateful the doctors agreed to assist her, otherwise things could have taken a dark turn. This is how Priscilla wants it to be.'



In the Netherlands, euthanasia has become accepted in the case of unbearable and hopeless suffering. Since 2002, euthanasia is legal. Each year, an approximate 4000 cases of euthanasia are reported. In the majority of these cases, the patient is over 65 years old. It rarely concerns people under 30.


Peter Bosch directed 'Midnight Butterfly', a Bosch Film production.


This documentary was broadcast on Dutch public tv as well as many other countries.


Watch 'Midnight Butterfly' in dutch without subtitles here

Documentaire, 55 minutes

broadcast on Dutch public television

ter nagedachtenis aan
Priscilla Brouwer

een film van
Peter Bosch

met dank aan
Marja Eshuis
Valesca Venice Nijhoff
Jorna Wierts
Christel Maijer-van Vliet
Patrick Kossen
Stephanie Brouwer
Kelly Jongkind-Bultstra
Petra Sengers
Chantal Willemsen
Daisy Bont
Marc Truideman
Hospice Sint Jacob
Surprise Bar Amsterdam
Cinema Cafe Amsterdam

Peter Bosch

Theo Raben

Esther Janmaat
Olaf Schuur

Peter Bosch
Maria Mok

montage, mixage en postproductie
Emile van de Griendt

Janneke Heijer

Eindredactie NCRV
Jelle Peter de Ruiter

Yolande van der Blij

in samenwerking met

Julia von Graevenitz