Amsterdams New Climate

Promotional film for the Amsterdam Innovation Motor

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is far ahead in using innovative products and methods to improve our environment. This films shows the region with a few of its good practices and a lot of its beauty. The premiere is at Al Gore's visit to Amsterdam on October 14th 2008.

The Amsterdam Innovation Motor acts as a catalyst, generating initiatives with our partners in the field of sustainability, which are knowledge solutions, companies, government and social organisations. Together with them we are working on a strong sustainability cluster with high economic potential and a substantial contribution to Amsterdams New Climate.

Watch the entire film online, just click the clipbox to the right!

With special thanks to the City of Amsterdam, Van Gansewinkel, KPMG, Cisco, Philips and Amsterdam Partners.

Voorlichtingsfilm, 8 minuten

Promo for the Amsterdam Innovation Motor